I have to …

I’ve just came back from my holidays in London, and I think I have to change some things about me and my way of be.

I promise I will write a post everyday since tomorrow.


Next plane to London

This time next week I will be in London.
As I have said so many times I’m in love with this city, the only thing that I don’t love is planes.
I have tried to go by train, but since the south of Spain is very expensive and takes a lot of time, by plane are just 2,5 hours.

So, if you have any recommendation for not be nervous during the flight or you want to recommend me places in that beautiful city I will be all ears.

Thank you ☺️

The Perfect Strangers Project

There is a very very beautiful magazine called Oh Comely! that have organized a project called The Perfect Strangers Project.

It’s an initiative where you can send a package with things to another person in the world.

I think that’s so sweet, so I couldn’t resist and I signed up.

The first step is to fill a form with some information about you, in that form you decide if you want to send the package to a person in your country or a person outside your country. If you’re not a subscriber of Oh Comely magazine you have to pay 1 pound.

You can register until 14th June, then the Oh comely team will find a partner from all the people that want to participate in this project. They will tell you who is your partner and you will have to send him/her a beautiful package with beautiful things.

If you want more information you can read here.